Agenta Biotechnologies, Inc.


Agenta Biotechnologies, Inc. is in the business of discovering and developing new technologies to improve healing, repair, and regeneration in the injured.

Our work has produced the following technologies that will create both near-term commercial operations and high-value long-term development opportunities:

A patented process for creating a dense glucosamine wound dressing that enhances wound healing for ulcers, lacerations, burns, and eczema.

A patented synthetic bone graft with published superiority to the leading competitor a strong, pliable, yet dissolvable, surgical barrier membrane made from a specialized sugar in a patented manner for application to bone, cartilage, ligament, skin, breast reconstruction, and hernia repair a new, skin substitute for the healing of deep skin ulcers or chronic ulcers of the foot and leg associated with diabetes and aging


1500 1st Ave. N., Suite L105 Unit 31
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
United States

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