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The brain is the most complex and mysterious human organ.

Remarkable doctors and scientists around the world are consistently pioneering new research and methods to understand more about the brain, how it functions, and how to help treat different neurological disorders that affect countless individuals.

As the years advance, more and more is being discovered, and slowly but surely both the scientific and medical communities are finding treatments that help prolong and significantly improve the quality of life for patients. Alpha Omega has a mission to contribute to this progress.

Since our inception, Alpha Omega has played an important role in fostering innovation and development in two main areas - neuroscience research and functional neurosurgery.

Over the last two decades we have pioneered leading edge technology in both fields, receiving international recognition from global experts in each respective area.

Today, our equipment can be found in hundreds of hospitals and research institutions, covering 6 continents.


5755 North Point Parkway Unit 229
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022
United States

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