Amniox Medical, Inc.


AMNIOX® Medical is supported by more than 25 years of research in characterizing and preserving the biology and functionality of human Amniotic Membrane (AM) and Umbilical Cord (UC).

AM and UC are restorative tissues that carry unique regenerative properties and AMNIOX® Medical is the sole provider of a matrix comprised of both human AM and UC.

Our extensive research allows us to preserve and deliver the most functional allograft, transplanting the benefits of regenerative healing to adult wound environments.

Our tissues are electively donated following medical screening and healthy child birth.

Following collection, AMNIOX® Medical uses its patented CRYOTEK™ Cryopreservation Process to protect the fragile matrix biology and preserve the regenerative healing properties of AM and UC.


2849 Paces Ferry Road Suite 750
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
United States

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