Anatom-e Information Systems, Ltd.


Anatom-e Information Systems, Ltd. was founded in 2004 by Dr. Linda Anne Hayman, M.D. with the express goal of improving patient care and information-based medical practice.

It was recognized that medicine is still in somewhat of a dark ages, where the shining knights known as Doctors wield powerful devices and use them to the best of their knowledge; Anatom-e was created to be the pen to the Doctors’ sword.

With the mission of educating and informing doctors of pertinent information they need to know, confirming what they already know, and providing a baseline of consistent information support, Anatom-e can provide for a level of patient care heretofore unavailable anywhere in the world.

Along with the help of a team of computer programmers with a background in computer video gaming and medical researchers with a background in anatomy, Dr. Hayman has successfully created a system whereby Radiation Oncologists, Radiologists, and Surgeons can find out anatomically based information relative to their patients.


7505 Fannin Street Suite #442
Houston, Texas 77054
United States

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