Arthro Kinetics AG


Arthro Kinetics researches, develops, manufactures, and markets biological implants in the field of regenerative medicine for the treatment of the human musculoskeletal system.

The first product on the market - the CaReS® basic technology (Cartilage Regeneration System) - is a patented collagen type I matrix colonized with autologous cartilage cells used for the regeneration of articular cartilage defects.

Based on the experiences with the CaReS® basic technology, Arthro Kinectics developed CaReS®-1S (Cartilage Regeneration System -OneStep).

This implant is based on the same type I collagen matrix, but it is primarily cell-free and colonized by cells from the environment.

It is a certified medical device and its regenerative potential is comparable to that of cellular implants.


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Tübingen , Baden-Württemberg 72074

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