Asami International and External Fixation ASAMI


The Idea was from Maurizio and Alberto Catagni, they actually provide support for all the ASAMI web site, if you want to partecipate in this you can contact them directly and ask for collaboration.

We think more people can help us in producing content and more useful and helpful could be this site, for doctors as a point of starting, discussing, updating their aknowledgment on this technique, and also for people interested in this type of surgery, giving them the possibility to explore all the cases and different kind of techniques used.

Charter of the ASAMI International and External Fixation 1) Hereby is constituted the International ASAMI (Association for the Study and Application of the Method of Ilizarov).

The purpose of the International ASAMI (I.A.) is to facilitate and promote world wide communication among all the national ASAMI organizations. 2) The International ASAMI is made up of all the members of the various ASAMI organizations.

The International ASAMI Executive Committee (IAEC) is made up of all the presidents of the different national ASAMI organizations.


Via dell'Eremo, 9/11
Ospedale "A. Manzoni" di Lecco ILIZAROV Unit
Lecco, Lombardy 23900

A.S.A.M.I. International E.F.:
Association for the Study of the Application of the Method of Ilizarov International and External Fixation

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