Asociacion de Veterinarios Espanoles Especialistas en Pequenos Animales AVEPA


Asociación de Veterinarios Españoles Especialistas en Pequeños Animales


AVEPA was founded in 1964 by a small group of pioneers in the specialty of small animal clinic.

In those days when pet medicine was an unknown field, and even underestimated in certain veterinary circles, the illusion of the founding partners drove the first association of veterinary specialists in small animals in Spain that counts today With 4,700 members.

AVEPA currently carries out activities in an uninterrupted manner in its 10 memberships.

During these 48 years of history AVEPA has organized 46 national congresses and 3 World Congresses of the WSAVA.

The international projection of AVEPA was consolidated by participating actively in the founding of

FECAVA (Federation of Companion Animal Veterinary Associations) and

FIAVAC (Ibero-American Federation of Veterinary Associations of Companion Animals)


Paseo San Gervasio 46-48
Barcelona City, Barcelona 08022

Association of Spanish Veterinarians Specialists in Small Animals

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