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Our founder, Pitch Johnson, was one of the earliest venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. . He started in 1962 when he formed Draper & Johnson with Bill Draper. . To find companies to invest in, the two of them drove around the fruit orchards of Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and San Jose in leased Pontiacs, knocking on the doors of any companies that sounded technology-related. . Three years later, he struck out on his own, forming Asset Management Company . For nearly half a century, Asset Management has invested in companies that pushed innovation to new levels. . Some of those early investments included Boole and Babbage, the first venture capital-funded software company; Tandem Computer, which produced the world’s first fault-tolerant computers; and Coherent Laser, which built one of the first lasers for health care applications. . In the late 1970’s, Pitch began researching start-ups that were not only creating new innovations, but also a whole new industry — biotechnology. . In 1980 he, along with Bill Bowes from USVP, founded and invested in Applied Molecular Genetics, known today as Amgen. .


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