Association of French-Speaking Orthopedic Surgeons AOLF


The Association of Orthopedists of French Language (AOLF) was founded in Paris in 1986. Its headquarters is in Geneva.

Its goal is to enable French-speaking orthopedists to benefit from a platform for exchange and dissemination of knowledge in orthopedic surgery and traumatology in a Francophone space and context.

This is achieved in particular through the organization of the international congress of AOLF, scientific meetings and post-university education, the setting up of the research and teaching commission, the creation of scholarships and training As well as through the organization of exchanges between its members.

The members of the AOLF are individual members (Francophone orthopedists) or collective (orthopedic societies totally or partially francophone).

The members of the AOLF are currently spread over some thirty countries on five continents.

The Society is administered by a Bureau and a Council comprising the Bureau and the National and Continental Delegates.

AOLF organizes its international congress every two years.

The first took place in Monaco.

For its 12th congress in 2010, AOLF chose Geneva, an international city and a privileged destination for the French-speaking world.

The mission of AOLF is to be the Francophone organizational body of reference in the field of orthopedics and traumatology.

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