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Clinical Center is a unique medical institution in which health services are provided to citizens at the tertiary level of health care for the whole of Montenegro and at the secondary level as a general hospital in the municipality of Podgorica, Danilovgrad and Kolasin. The reference Montenegrin health institutions today in our institution conducts highly specialized diagnostics, treatment and consultative specialist and sub-specialist health care. KC is also the medical academic research center and teaching base of the Medical Faculty of the University of Montenegro for undergraduate and postgraduate academic education and vocational education for doctors on internship and specialization, ie, educational base for students of health professions in the field of general medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, as well as nurses, technicians for middle and higher medical school. In the long tradition of this institution is done a lot in the improvement of health and the application of new technologies for the diagnosis and treatment. Providing optimum health care in the Clinical Center requires the constant development of professional and technological capacities and the creation of operational and functioning system, which is based on the use of modern medical technology. Planned investment in medical education and professional development of targeted educational programs has been significantly raised the level of overall skills and achieved the development of highly specialized medical services that are now provided in KC. Technological expansion, which is a prerequisite of quality health services, worked hard and managed to keep pace with modern trends in medicine of our time. The priority development objective of our institution has three focuses, which include the introduction of new medical technology, along with training staff and investing in modern equipment Mediciska. Today, the organizational structure of KC more than 30 organizational units, among which are 14 clinics, the Institute of Diseases of Children with two clinics, 7 centers, Surgery ward, six intensive care unit, two specialist clinics in the field of medicine and dentistry, as well as administrative and technical -inženjerske service and repair. In order to KC about 2,100 full-time employees, including 1,560 health workers, with 62 doctors subspecialists 251 medical specialists. The Clinical Center of Montenegro in 2014, the hospital treated 36,186 patients in the capacity of 758 hospital beds, 11,114 operations were carried out and for the same period 3,828 small interventions in the Emergency Center, 3,202 births, 10,469 dialysis, 25,544 CT diagnostic CT koronografije 1.308, 12.923 MRI, 4,306 service angio diagnostic and interventional therapy and a number of other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. As a reference institution for medical education, KC special attention to the academic education of employees. In our institution works today 51 PhD and 53 Master of Medical Sciences, and about more than 30 professors and assistant professors of the Medical Faculty of the University of Montenegro. Specialist training in KC is performed for all residents of Montenegro (an average of about 150 per year) and performs more than 140 mentors in certain areas of medicine. Existing human and technological resources enable sovereign implementation of health activities in KC for the largest number of necessary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. KC has an enviable number of appliances of high technology, such as three apparatus for magnetic resonance, gamma camera, two angiograms, three multi-slice CT and one jednoslajsni, coffee Osteodensitometry, coffee break kidney stones. Organizational units that treat the most vulnerable patients, such as the central intensive care unit, pediatric intensive care, intensive care for newborns, Center for Cardiac Surgery, Center for Thoracic Surgery, Internal Medicine Clinic of Metabolic Unit, Coronary Care Unit of the Center for Cardiology, Dialysis Center, equipped with modern medical equipment of high technology. The purchase of the latest generation four-dimensional ultrasound device at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology introduced a highly specialized expert ultrasound of the fetus, which allows better monitoring of high-risk pregnant women from all over Montenegro. This diagnostic with prenatal which in KC applied since 2000, forms the basis for the modern concept of perinatal medicine. Digitization and networking equipment intended for X-ray diagnostics has created the conditions for effective professional electronic communication in this area. With the introduction of the laboratory information system enables efficient and timely obtaining results. Epilogue strategic planning of development of our institution, based on the treatment needs of patients with malignant diseases, was the construction and opening of the new Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy in July 2010, the first new space intended for bed-ridden patients after 36 years. Construction and equipping of the new clinic, an area of over 4000m2, realized as a capital investment of the Government of Montenegro, joint activities of the Ministry of Health, the Health Insurance Fund of Montenegro and the Clinical Center of Montenegro, worth about 12 million euros. The construction and equipping of facilities of this type was carried out according to the latest medical standards and represents a major technological and medical breakthrough which provided a high quality and comfort of the treatment. The technology is built a new clinic, as well as equipment installed, so far not been applied in any medical institution in Montenegro and the region. This project enables our patients comprehensive treatment of modern and necessary comfort they deserve. Along with the procurement of equipment and construction of the building, we carefully designed and training staff for the needs of newly built Clinic.


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Clinical Centre of Montenegro
Podgorica Capital City, Podgorica Municipality 81000

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