Associazione Nazionale Medici Veterinari Italiani - ANMVI - Italian National Asso of Vet Surgeons


A.N.M.V.I. Italian National Association of Veterinary Surgeons .

The National Association of Veterinarians Italian (ANMVI) is a Federation of Professional Associations of Veterinary, born in 1999 with the statutory objective for introducing retraining projects and protection of the veterinary profession.

And  it affiliated with Confprofessioni since 2000.

In ANMVI are federated major national associations, regional and provincial unions, representing all sectors of the veterinary profession, both private and public.

The association is present throughout the country with its regional governing boards. . L ANMVI has no profit.

And  it runs by a board of directors and a national plenary team.

It adheres to the Union of European Veterinary Practitioners (UEVP) for participation in activities related to the profession in Europe and has developed through ANMVI International contacts with several EU countries and Third Countries. .


Palazzo Trecchi 20
Cremona , Lombardy 26100

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