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Joint replacement is a commonly performed major operation that has considerable success in alleviating pain and disability.

The rate of joint replacement surgery has been increasing at a rapid rate for many years. . It is anticipated that it will continue to do so.

Currently more than 85,000 hip and knee replacements are undertaken each year in Australia.

The outcomes of joint replacement are variable.

There are many factors known to influence this.

Age, gender and diagnosis of patients, the type of prosthesis and the surgical techniques used are just some of these. Superimposed on this, is the rapid rate of change in medical technology.

There is continual development and use of new types of prostheses and surgical techniques, the results for many of which remain uncertain.

The Australian Orthopaedic Association recognised the need to establish a National joint replacement registry in 1993.

At that time, the outcomes of this surgery in Australia were unknown.

It was unclear who was receiving joint replacement or the types of prostheses and techniques being used to implant them.

The need to establish a registry was in part based on the documented success of a number of arthroplasty registries in other countries, in particular the Swedish Arthroplasty Registries.

The ability to identify factors important in achieving successful outcomes had resulted in both improved standards and significant cost savings..


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