Austrian Arthroplasty Register - AAR


GOG what established on 1 August 2006 on the basis of a federal statute, as a national research and planning institute for healthcare and a competence and funding of health promotion center. .


OBIG (Österreichisches Bundesinstitut für Gesundheitswesen) and FGO (Fonds Gesundes Österreich), . OBIG (Austrian Health Institute) and FGO (Fund for a Healthy Austria), institutions established in 1973 and 1998 respectively, have become business units integrated in the GOG structure, with GOG as Their universal legal successor. .


On 1 July 2007, the third business unit was founded: BIGG (Federal Institute for Quality in Health Care). .


This set-up permits a good coordination of structural planning, health promotion and quality assurance. . The structure of a holding company Creates synergy from Which all stakeholders in Austria's healthcare system, and ran thus all citizens of Austria, may benefit. .


GOG has one shareholder: the Austrian Federal Government, Represented by the Federal Minister of Health. . In the context of its research activities, GOG is not bound by instructions from its shareholder. .


GOG has two Subsidiaries: Health Austria Research and Planning GmbH Provides services for public institutions, while health Austria Consulting Ltd. works for clients in the private sector business.


Stubenring 6
Business units OBIG and BIQG
Vienna 1010

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