Austrian Society for Surgery of the Hand ASSH - OGH Österreichische Gesellschaft für Handchirurgie


According to the classical surface anatomy extends the hand from wrist to fingertips. Biomechanical point of view it is an integral part of the whole arm. Is eg severed a nerve in the upper arm or accepts this in the brain due to injury or disease damage, the hand may be unusable. Hand surgery includes diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, malformations and functional disorders of the hand and upper limb, including their structures (skin, nerve, muscle, tendons, bones etc). The medical treatment can be both operationally and conservatively. The function of the hand and upper limb has to man a far greater significance than just a gripping and manipulating organ. Due to the large number of receptors in the hand this can be termed as a sensory organ and so as a mediator of the mind: it supports spoken through gestures, she writes, paints, shapes, uses a musical instrument etc. Through its specialization in the field of hand surgery have medical specialists of subjects, general surgery , Pediatric and Adolescence Surgery, trauma, Orthopaedic Surgery and in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery have the requisite knowledge to these complex interrelationships. Therefore, patients should in diseases, deformities and injuries of the hand and the upper extremities necessarily Specialists specializing in Hand Surgery visit. medical specialists for Hand Surgery closely cooperate with specially trained in the field of occupational and physical therapists hands.


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