Austrian Trauma Society ATS - OGU Osterreichische Gesellschaft fur Unfallchirurgie


§ 1: Name and Domicile 

The company is named Austrian Society of Trauma Surgery. It is based in Vienna.


§ 2: Objectives of society 

  1. Promotion of the special accident surgery, as well as the additional subjects of sports traumatology and traumatological intensive care.
  2. Promoting the acquisition and dissemination of specific scientific knowledge.
  3. Promotion of continuing education and training.
  4. Representation of the members of the society in all questions of the political situation.
  5. Promotion of contacts among the members of the company as well as with members of similar companies of the foreign country.


§ 3: means to achieve these objectives 

  1. Organization of an annual international conference.
  2. Orientation of further scientific events and training courses.
  3. Participation in events of other scientific societies.
  4. Publication of patient brochures and training publications.
  5. Preparation of guidelines and other recommendations for treatment.
  6. Issuing of own medium.
  7. Design and continuous updating of your own website.
  8. Honoring of personalities who have earned a reputation for accident surgery.
  9. Active operation of public relations and lobbying.


Operngasse 20B
Vienna City, Vienna 1040

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