Aviana Molecular Technologies, LLC.


Aviana Molecular Technologies, LLC (Aviana) is an Orlando, FL based point of care (POC) diagnostic company developing a miniaturized biosensor capable of attaching to a smartphone/smart device through Bluetooth or other wireless connections.

The company’s diagnostic system is a simple-to-use, potentially highly sensitive diagnostic platform that can accurately, within 10 -20 minutes, detect a target infectious disease, biomarkers or proteins in both clinical (human and animal) and scientific research settings.

Aviana’s biosensor platform uses the latest developments in cellular communications, semiconductor electronics, micro-fluidics and manufacturing methods to create a unique point-of-care diagnostic (POC) platform to detect biomarkers or infections.

Because these biosensors are portable, cost-effective and versatile, they can be used in both highly sophisticated health systems and in resource-limited environments which can fill unmet medical needs in the U.S. and around the world, where POC diagnosis can positively impact human health.

Aviana’s vision is to provide highly sensitive and specific diagnostic capability to anyone with a smart device: physician, medical technologist, patient, public health worker while connecting seamlessly (with adequate protections) to the internet.

Initial proof of concept data based on these sensors have demonstrated accuracy similar to that of a laboratory based test but with portability and rapidity unlike lab systems.


3251 Progress Drive
Orlando, Florida 32826
United States

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