Belgian Hand Group BHG


The Belgian Hand Group is a scientific organization to study the hand: its function, pathology and the treatment of injuries and diseases.

The Belgian Hand Group was established on May 30th 1972 by the 6 founding members: Prof. A. de Coninck, Prof. G. Matton, Dr E. Van der Elst, Dr G. Calberg, Dr P. Van Wetter and Prof. J.J. Rombouts. The first president was Prof. De Coninck, vice-president Dr Calberg, treasurer Dr Van Wetter, secretary Prof. Rombouts and consultants Prof. Matton and Dr Van der Elst.

The Belgian Hand Group is a member of: FESSH, IFSSH


Ave W. Churchill-laan 11/30
Uccle/Ukkel , Brussels-Capital Region 1180

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