Belgian Royal Society of Rheumatology BRSR- KBVR - SRBR


The Royal Belgian Society of Rheumatology was founded in 1926.

It aims to increase clinical and scientific knowledge in the field of rheumatic diseases.

The Society promotes research and studies.

The Society is interested in all aspects of rheumatology and particularly those that directly affect patients. Efficient service for the patient is impossible if practice of rheumatology is ineffective or impeded; therefore, professional aspects can not be neglected by the Company.

The recent development of expensive biologic drugs for the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases entails additional responsibilities for the Company.

Like what is happening with our neighbors, the United Kingdom and France, the Company has an important role to play, in collaboration with the Social Security and pharmaceutical companies in the development of criteria and repayment in monitoring unexpected adverse reactions.

The Company raises funds for research, it is equipped Committees for Social Affairs, to the professional aspects and the website.

The Company holds an annual national congress.

The historical aspects of the Belgian Royal Society for Rheumatology (SRBR), such as the development of rheumatology and rheumatology in this country, and biographies its members will soon be presented in this section.


Avenue Winston Churchill 11 b30
City of Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region 1180

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