Belgian Spine Society BSS - BORV


The Belgian Spine Society, former Belgian Orthopaedic Rugvereniging, is an association of surgeons specialized in surgery on the spine. The objective is to improve quality care to patients by continuous exchange of information; discussing new techniques and solving difficult cases through cooperation between different surgeons. The BORV (Belgian Orthopaedic Rugvereninging) was officially founded in 1999. The association was formerly employed as the rugclub and was established as such in 1994. In 2007 it was converted to the BSS was (Belgian Spine Society) and brings together the various disciplines engaged rugchirugie. Meanwhile, we have become a group that combines both orthopedic and neurosurgical trained spine surgeons. Just as in the neighboring countries of the EU anyway. We are also recognized by the SSE (Spine Society of Europe) and participate actively in the registration and training programs. The members meet four times a year. Whenever there is a particular part of the rugchirugie raised and deeper worked out.

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