Berlin Surgical Society BSS BCG


The Society was founded in 1886 under the name of  Free Association of Surgeons of Berlin.

In 1912, at the suggestion of Eduard Sonnenburg, who was already one of the founders, and in line with the German Society of Surgery, the first renamed Berliner Gesellschaft für Surgery .


Although the congresses of the German Society of Surgery took place since its founding in 1872 until the Second World War in Berlin, the leading surgeons soon recognized the need to carry out more frequent events in order to discuss scientific research results as well as operational techniques and clinical experiences Ill, more recent medical devices and instruments.

It was precisely the discussions that were to be expected in regional areas more intensively and thus more fruitfully than in the annual national congress


Spandauer Damm 130
DRK-Kliniken Westend
Charlottenburg, Berlin 14050

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