Our Mission: . To be more than one industry: complete solution in bio-mechanics; Product to Hospital; the most innovative, the better off working, world reference in innovation. . We are a company that sees our product in the patient and think the best way to rehabilitate him, worked committed to health and so provide the best tools for this to happen. . We see our employees as people above all and our actions are based on core values today, such as ethics, respect and responsibility. Pleasure. . We are Biomecanica. . It was a dream that began the Biomechanics, a dream to help the patients recovery. . With that thought, our president, José Roberto Pengo, transformed a blank paper and pencil tools for the creation of an external fixator. . The fixator was the precursor of our company and to this day inspires us, because through it we see dreams and projects, as it can become a reality and overcoming stories. . More than square meters in a factory with machinery and equipment, are people committed to health, this is our mission. . .Our products online go beyond physical rehabilitation, they carry within themselves the essence of life. . We are recognized because we believe in the orthopedic market and design our products with the thought always the end user. . The patient! .


Rua Luiz Pengo, 145 - 1ø Distrito Industrial
Indus trial, P.O. Box 1014
State of Sao Paulo 17212-811

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