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Biorthex Inc. is a biotechnology company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative and proprietary surgical products for the treatment of spinal disorders.

The Company is dedicated to providing the surgical community with safe, technologically proven and innovative spinal implants for use in the treatment of spinal disorders, diseases and injuries.

Our mission at Biorthex is to develop and market breakthrough products, which will enhance the practice of orthopaedic surgeons and associated healthcare professionals and thus, the quality of life of their patients.

In 1997, Biorthex commenced development of a porous nickel-titanium alloy, Actipore™, to address the challenge of host bone to implant fixation. . Several years of research and development resulted in the production of a unique ultra porous, biologically and bio mechanically compatible nitinol material.

The material's isotropic porous structure, with inherent capillary wicking pores, draws essential fluids and nutrients into the material thus facilitating bone cell penetration and survival and allowing strong, rapid growth of newly forming bone cells through its scaffold (three dimensional networks of pores).

With similar mechanical properties to bone resulting in load sharing, as well as MRI and CT scan compatibility, the above mentioned qualities lent themselves ideally to the production of spinal interbody devices. As a consequence, the Actipore™ interbody device project was born.


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