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Meritorious men in medical education who chose the Doctor of Medicine degree were Dr. Fidel Rodas with his work on General principles of fracture treatment and Dr. Belisario Diaz Romero and his experience on gunshot wounds in the apparatus Osteomuscular.

Later, Claudio Sanjinéz professor of the chair of Surgical Clinic of the faculty of medicine, diffuses among his works; The resection of the inner half of the clavicle with complete regeneration, Dr. Elías Sagárnaga, founder of the Military Hospital of La Paz, dean of the medical faculty on several occasions, writes about congenital malformations in the locomotive apparatus.

Daniel Bilbao Rioja (l913) graduated in Surgery in Santiago de Chile, he serves as a military doctor in the campaign of the Chaco War and together with Calderón Mendoza, he founded the medical services of the Social Security.

A few years later (1921) Enrique Saint Loup Bustillos, a man of great culture, active participant in the Bolivian Language Academy upon his return to the country, brings important concepts in reconstructive surgery of the fingers and in Orthopedics the management of Congenital dislocation of the hip.

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