British Society for Matrix Biology BSMB old BCTS


The society is a member of the Society of Biology and part of the Federation of European Connective Tissues Society s, now known as European Matrix Biology (EuMB). The BSMB is registered as a charity in England and Wales (number 281399), and is dependent mainly on the subscription income from its members. Its biannual meetings are funded by modest registration fees and by additional support from sponsors. BSMB members come from diverse scientific backgrounds, working in universities, hospitals and industry. Specialities represented include biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and physical chemistry. As you might expect, most of the membership live and work in the UK, although we do have a few members from the USA, Asia, Australia and Europe. The objectives of the Society are: To advance the science of the extracellular matrix and related subjects To promote public education therein To promote academic study and research on the extracellular matrix and related areas and to publish the results of such study and research The Society s governing instrument is its Constitution. The business of the Society is managed by its Committee. The Honorary Officers, (Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer) and the ordinary members of the Committee are elected by the membership.