Bulgarian Society for Surgery of the Hand BSSH


The history of hand surgery in Bulgaria started in the 40s and 50s of the XX century with the names of prof. Ianaki Holevich, prof. Elena Paneva, and later a professor. Ivan Matev.

With the names of those Bulgarian scientists connect more than one method or technique, which still appear in world famous textbooks on hand surgery as Green s Operative Hand Surgery, and Hand Surgery of Berger & Weiss, from studying all surgeons of the hand world today.

Prof. Ivan Matev is a winner and the highest state award - the Order of Stara Planina.

He is also the founder of the Bulgarian Society for Surgery of the Hand. National Societies in hand surgery in the countries of the European Union are united by the European Society for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH), and individually are members of the World Association of Hand Surgery (IFSSH).


• In 1986 Bulgaria became a full member of IFSSH.
• In Pleven organized three scientific meetings. 4-5 October 1996 guest speakers were Robert McFarland from Canada, then President of IFSSH, and Isidore Kessler from Israel.
. • In 1988 in Albena is organized Bulgarian-American symposium involving over 40 American and 30 leading specialists in hand surgery worldwide with over 120 Bulgarian participants.
• 1-3 July 1989 in the city. Taranto - Italy held a founding congress of the European Federation of Hand Surgery (FESSH) with the participation of representatives from European countries. Bulgaria was represented by Prof.. Pavka Trichkova.
• At the symposium in m. In October 1994 in the resort complex Druzhba guests were the President of IFSSH then - Giorgio Bruno, Jano Milezi Warren Braydenbah and Robert Bume. Honorary members of the Company are: prof. Ianaki Holevich, prof. Isidore Kessler, prof. Ivan Matev.
On October 8, 1994 is based Bulgarian Society of Hand Surgery, chaired by prof. Ivan Matev.
• On the seventh congress of IFSSH in Vancouver in 1998 Prof. Ivan Matev was selected as one of ten Pioneers in hand surgery.
• In 2002, the European Congress in Amsterdam - the Netherlands, with Secretary General Dr. Hovius, Bulgarian Society of Hand Surgery was considered an equal member of the European Federation of Hand Surgery.
According to the Constitution of the Federation for equal members could be accepted only companies from member states of the European Union. Unfortunately, Bulgaria still had not one, but thanks to the prestige of prof. Matev and support of prof. Gilbert from France, Simo Wilke from Finland, Paolo Borelli of Italy, Ann Nahemson - Sweden Thierry Dyubert - France, Chairman of the Hand Trauma committee, Daniel Eglov - Switzerland, the Conference took a unanimous decision for Bulgaria to make only exception.
• On 19-20 September 2003 was elected new leadership of the Company, chaired by prof. Dimitar Kamburov.
• In 2007, a meeting of the Company was elected chairman Assoc. Pavka Trichkova
• 2011 - Symposium of the company in Veligrad featuring guests from Austria (Prof.. Shmidhamer) and France (Prof. Duchenne).
• In 2012 a meeting of the Company was elected chairman Assoc. Prof. Margarita Kateva.
• 24-26 October 2014 - IV National Conference with international participation in Velingrad - Prof. Milezi, Prof.. Projectors Prof.. Shmidhamer, Prof.. Juni,
Prof. Matulin, prof. Miguleva, Zooey Dailiana