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California BONES Society was formed from a core group of orthopedic leaders representing nine regions of California.

We are a non-profit corporation that provides a forum for the advancement of the field of Orthopaedic Practice Management in the State of California.

We started with the desire to improve communications throughout the state by having regional meetings and a state meeting at the national AAOE meeting.

Our first annual meeting in 2008 was in conjunction with The California Orthopaedic Association (COA) Annual Meeting.

The COA and their director have helped us to organize our annual meetings and build our network to improve all areas of the Orthopaedic practice.

Please see the map defining the C-BONES Regions and each C-BONES Representative s area of responsibility and e-mail.

We use these regions to help us focus on hearing the voices of all areas of California.

Our goal is to have several regional meetings each year to foster communications locally.

This gives us the opportunity to network as well as share community information.

We invite you to send regional representative an e-mail so they can put you on their list for future meetings.


44 Montgomery Street
Suite 3380
San Francisco, California 94104
United States

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