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We have some exciting news to share: Our company, Cardica, is changing its name. Beginning June 20, 2016 we will be called Dextera Surgical.

We are entering a new and exciting chapter for our growing company.

Thirteen years ago, we introduced our first automated anastomosis systems for use in cardiac surgery under our original name, Cardica, which reflected the focus of our business at the time.

These products continue to perform well and remain the only automated anastomosis devices for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery on the market today.

Today, our company has built on that heritage of innovation with a broader portfolio of products that are helping to advance minimally invasive surgery around the world.

Our newest technology, the MicroCutter 5/80 stapler, is the smallest and most maneuverable surgical stapling device on the market today, and is making an impact for patients across a wide variety of clinical applications – from lung surgery to pediatric procedures and beyond.


900 Saginaw Drive
Redwood City, California 94063
United States

" Given advances in diagnostic technologies and resulting growing interest in less invasive surgery, we are committed to developing innovative solutions to help surgeons operate more effectively through small incisions, enabling improved patient outcomes. "
—Julian Nikolchev, President & CEO

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