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Surgical: . Carlisle Medical Technologies combines over 50 years of cable manufacturing expertise with world-class capabilities to exceed your unique performance specifications. . Our innovative surgical cable assemblies and surgical interconnect solutions are designed and manufactured to withstand 500 autoclave, Steris and Sterrad cycles to limited use products where only 10 sterilization cycles are required. . We mold and overmold thermoset and thermoplastic materials, fabricate high performance 316 stainless steel and PEEK components. . Video Endoscopy Arthroscopy Shavers Power Hand Instrument . . Electrosurgical: . Disposable and limited use electrosurgical devices require design expertise that can provide an electrosurgical interconnect solution, balancing the need for energy delivery, user ergonomics, price and performance. . We provide our customers with material recommendations that include DEHP/BPA-free PVC, TPR, TPU, polypropylene and develop electrosurgical cable solutions that meet the unique sterilization requirements, including Autoclave, EtO and Gamma sterilization.


7911 South 188th St. Suite 100
Washington 98032
United States

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