Cervical Spine Research Society CSRS


The Cervical Spine Research Society is an organization of individuals interested in clinical and research problems of the cervical spine. Its purpose is the exchange and development of ideas and philosophy regarding the diagnosis and treatment of cervical spine injury and disease.

The concept of a sub-specialty group devoted to the cervical spine was first considered in 1966.

As interest in this area grew, a preliminary meeting to consider the formation of such an organization was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in February 1973 during the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Present at the meeting were Edward H. Simmons and Ian McNab of Toronto, Richard Rothman and Henry H. Sherk of Philadelphia, Lee H. Riley, Jr. of Baltimore, Alice L. Garrett of West Haverstraw, New York, and Bernard Jacobs and J. William Fielding of New York City.

The name  Cervical Spine Research Society  was agreed upon and annual meetings were planned.

The first such meeting was held in New York City in November 1973.

Since that time, yearly meetings have taken place in various locations on the North American continent.

Since the primary purpose of the organization is to carry out research and develop and exchange information on the cervical spine, international participation has been encouraged.

To provide a wide range of interest, it was felt that the composition of the membership should reflect the varying specialties and disciplines dealing with the cervical spine; biomechanical engineering, neurology, neurosurgery, radiology, orthopedic surgery, and others.

Qualifications for membership were to include demonstration of continued interest in the cervical spine and its related structures.

The organization has developed projects and has continued to grow.

The current members are encouraged to seek out individuals, with appropriate interests, for membership to ensure the Society s future.


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