Citow Cervical Visualizer - CCV


The CCV System was invented by Jonathan Citow, MD, a board certified neurosurgeon, Jill Pickett, and Michael Campagna. . As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Citow was frustrated with the lack of visualization of the lower cervical spine and the risk of wrong level surgeries. . Before the CCV, staff had to use tape and sheer force to manipulate the patients in efforts to provide better visualization, but these methods were not effective, and left patients with bruises and soreness that Dr. Citow felt should be avoided. . There was room for something better, and thus, the CCV was born. . The CCV System is a radiolucent device that no facility should be without. . It is a cost effective system that significantly reduces the risk of wrong level surgery in the cervical spine, and reduces potential damage to the patient. . To date, over 100 facilities in the U.S. have acquired the CCV System. .


712 S. Milwaukee Ave
Libertyville, Illinois 60048
United States

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