Clarus Medical, LLC.


Clarus Medical (Minneapolis, MN) . Airway Management scopes; Clarus Video System, Levitan, Shikani, and Pocket scopes All provide high-resolution images are reusable and very portable. . These fiber optic and digital video endoscopes offer state of the art technology in diverse clinical environments. . For routine to difficult intubations, for confirmation of tube placement and can be used for super glottic airways eg LMA’s. . Clarus Medical also manufactures cutting edge Spinal and Neurological products in addition to their airway devices. . Clarus manufactures Laser surgical fibers, Nucleotome®, a clinically proven, safe and effective device for percutaneous disc decompression as well as other innovative products. . All of our devices have substantial clinical data to support their efficacy. .


13355 10th Ave North, Suit 110
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441
United States

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