Guangzhou Clean Medical Products Manufacturing Corp - Ltd.


Guangzhou Clean Medical Products Manufacturing Corp. is fully dedicated in the research & development, manufacturing and sales of medical products.

Founded in Guangzhou Science Park in the May of 2007, the current R&D and manufacturing site locates in Conghua Development District or 40 minutes away from the heart of Guangzhou.

With a constant pursuit to “Engineer for Health”, the company boasts strong engineering and technical capabilities as well as manufacturing facilities.

We collaborate with clinicians and industry partners to continuously push the boundary of developing state of the art medical products that are within our strongest expertise of sterile and surgical devices.

Clean’s product ranges feature effectiveness, reliability, environmentally friendliness and simplicity, and in this way we distill confidence in our end users and business partners.

At this very moment Clean’s products are helping healthcare practitioners restore health in over 30 countries worldwide.


Development District,
9 Guangcong Rd., Conghu
Jieyang, Guangdong Province 510990

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