Cor Medical Ventures, LLC. - Cogent Spine, LLC.


Cor Medical Ventures LLC is a leading medical device development company with an entrepreneurial mindset. . We partner with surgeons and inventors to quickly and effectively bring ideas from the need generation and initial concept phase to early clinical use. . The team at Cor Medical Ventures provides leadership and knowhow at all stages of development, leveraging our experience and past successes to rapidly innovate and commercialize medical devices. . At Cor Medical Ventures we form a new LLC around innovative technology and manage each step of the process as the product goes from initial concept through corporate acquisition and early clinical use. . We have expertise in product development, intellectual property, regulatory, quality control, manufacturing, fund raising, marketing, business development and general management. . Along with this expertise, we also have a wide network of industry experts and investors that we partner with on specific projects as needed. . Our goal is to partner with innovators and clinicians to develop the next generation of medical devices and to partner with leading companies to market our products globally.


215 S. Highway 101, Suite 200
Solana Beach, California 92075
United States

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