Corentec America - Corentec Co., Ltd.


Corentec is committed to innovation, Product Excellence, and total Customer Satisfaction.

Our focus on these core values is fundamental to our Company’s mission to contribute to a healthy and active society.

Our Company’s current product portfolio includes innovative solutions for Hip, Knee, Spine, as well as Bone Substitutes Looking ahead, Corentec will devote extensive resources to serve our customers with a focus on five key principles:

1. Developing innovative Products and Solutions for the Hip, Knee, Spine and Bone Substitute Markets

2. Delivering Products with a Commitment to Strong Price Competitiveness

3. Constantly Meeting and Exceeding International Quality and Regulatory Standards

4. Demonstrating Leadership by Being Responsive and Supportive to Our Customers and Surgeons

5. Consistently Keeping Our Customers’ Patients as The Focal Point in all that we do


11F Chungho Tower, 483
Seocho-Gu, Seoul - Special City 137-810
Korea South

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