Covalon Technologies, Ltd.


Covalon uses science and technology to help solve major medical challenges associated with prevention, detection and management of areas such as infection, tissue repair, medical device biocompatibility, and condition management.

Together, our technology platforms, wound care products, and consulting services deliver a suite of cost-effective solutions to help our customers achieve product differentiation through improved patient outcomes.


The Advanced Wound Care Market

Estimated at $5 billion (U.S), is projected to grow approximately 8% per year driven by increases in pressure and diabetic ulcers related to the growth of an aging population and the increased prevalence of diabetes. Covalon’s proprietary pro-active collagen technology serves this growing demand, and is customizable to create unique tissue repair products for the orthopaedic, neurological, dental, and ocular spaces.

The Infection Control Market

Which includes Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI), is not only a growing healthcare issue, but a significant financial one as well. In the United States alone, the additional costs of HAIs are estimated to cost the system an additional $45 billion a year, and is therefore being aggressively targeted by all jurisdictions. Covalon’s proprietary infection control technology is a customized platform for coatings, vascular access, and wound care products.

The Medical Device Coatings Market

Estimated by Global Industry Analytics to exceed $7.5 billion by the year 2015. Covalon’s proprietary technology delivers therapeutics, such as silver ions from medical device surfaces for extended periods of time thereby creating an antimicrobial or therapeutic surface coating. The coatings can be applied to silicone and latex catheters, peritoneal dialysis catheters, hemodialysis catheters, wound drains, central venous lines, orthopaedic metals and many other medical devices. Our proprietary coating can be formulated to provide controlled delivery of various therapeutics for a wide range of devices and is supported by an FDA device master file.


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