Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. - USA - NASDAQ: CYTX


Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. is committed to providing meaningful and quality therapeutic options with broad utility that benefit patients and healthcare providers around the world.  

Whether it’s advancing our product and technology pipeline, performing clinical trials, or commercializing approved therapies, we believe that every day, every trial and every patient matters.

Cytori is committed to developing and commercializing specialty therapeutics.

Since 2002, Cytori has enabled researchers and clinicians to study and administer cell therapies using our novel Celution® System platform which harnesses the potential of stem and regenerative cells from adipose tissue.

In 2017, Cytori strengthened its specialty therapeutics position by acquiring a nanomedicine platform technology that combines widely-known and prescribed chemotherapy agents, doxorubicin and docetaxel, both with liposomal encapsulation technology.


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United States

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