Danish Orthopedic Trauma Society DOT DOTS


DOT is a company under DOS (Danish Orthopaedic Society) for doctors with an interest and / or work within traumatologien.

The current Board was elected at the general meeting. October 22, 2014 and can sit for 3 years.

The Board holds board meetings 4-5 times a year and the General Assembly 1 annually.

The Board is responsible representative bodies in different contexts. Below is a short description of these:

Quality Committee in DOS
DOT is represented in the quality committee by Ilija Ban.
The objective with quality committee may read in DOS's NSP.

Nationwide trauma register
In the long term, the idea is to be established nationwide
trauma register. DOT has been asked to participate in the Trauma Registry at
behalf of DOS. Juozas Petruskevicius represents DOT.

ATLS Board
DOT is responsible on behalf of DOS representation in ATLS Board. Ulrik Branner represents DOT.

Education organizes symposia and mini symposia on DOS meetings etc. The committee consists of Ilija Ban, Annie Primdahl, Upender Singh and Lasse Bayer.

Multicenter Group under the Danish Orthopaedic Trauma Society
There are from the Danish Orthopaedic Trauma Society took the initiative to start up multicenter studies at national level. The studies are rooted in the DOT and the steering committee is Ilija Ban and Frank Farsø.

DFDB Board
Danish Orthopaedic Trauma Society is represented on the board in Danish Fracture DataBase. Frank Farsø handles Representatives.


Lyngskrænten 17
Rudersdal Municipality, Hovedstaden 2840


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