Danish Sarcoma Group DSG


Diagnostics and treatment of sarcomas are centralized in Denmark and is organized within the framework of multi-disciplinary teams.

To ensure an optimal national and international cooperation founded November 19, 2003 DSG - Danish Sarcoma Group.

DSG is a Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups (DMCG).

DSG's main purpose is to promote the acquisition of new knowledge about sarcomas and translate it into results that will benefit all patients with sarcomas.

DSG to ensure that diagnostic and treatment of sarcomas occur within the framework of multi-disciplinary teams and involve all the specialties covered by these teams.

DSG should promote coordination and prioritization of research that could improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment of sarcomas.

DSG will as appropriate also involve areas such as basic research, health services, psychosocial research and epidemiological research.

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