Danish Society for Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Trauma - DSASST - SAKS - SACS



This is the purpose of the company through collaboration between the participating surgeons and their departments

  • - to increase sports traumatology treatment
  • - to develop and mediate endoscopic treatment in the musculoskeletal system
  • - to initiate, disseminate and support sports traumatology research
  • - to coordinate processing principles and information
  • - to provide practical sports trauma pathology training
  • To form the basis for international cooperation

Subject area

The board works with:

  1. Core diagnoses and quality markers, groupings of procedures in the four categories main function, regional function, highly specialized function and foreign function.
  2. Revision of DRG tariffs for the purpose of the ongoing audit
  3. The location of our subspecialty in the coming regional structure.
  4. Various courses, symposia, etc.
  5. Content in educational courses.

SAKS is a subject area within the Danish Orthopedic Surgery Society. The Danish Orthopedic Society is a society for all Danish orthopedic surgeons. As a natural part of the thesis' many areas within treatment, diagnostics and prevention, as well as the increasing use of advanced technicians, various subject areas have differentiated over the years. Within the subject areas, interest groups have formed where “like-minded people” can exchange experiences and optimize the quality of education, research and patient care. Most interest groups now have the character of independent companies with their own articles of association and finances. The term subject areas refers to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority's wish that orthopedic surgery is not divided into subspecialties.


Lyng skrænten 17
Rudersdal Municipality, Hovedstaden 2840

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