Danish Society for Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Trauma - DSASST - SAKS - SACS


Dansk selskab for Artroskopisk Kirurgi og Sportstraumatologi SAKS

Danish Company for Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Traumatology (SACS)

SAKS is a discipline within Danish Orthopaedic Society. Danish Orthopaedic Society is the company for all Danish orthopedic surgeons.

As a natural part of the thesis many areas of treatment, diagnosis and prevention as well as the increasing use of advanced techniques have over the years uddifferentieret the different disciplines.

Within the branches have been formed interest groups, where like-minded can exchange experiences and optimize the quality of education, research and patient care.

Most interest groups now form separate companies with their own statutes and economy.

The term subjects refers to Health's wish that orthopedic surgery is not divided into sub-specialties.


Lyng skrænten 17
Rudersdal Municipality, Hovedstaden 2840

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