Db Neuro


db Neuro
db neuro founded in July 2011
Neurotechnology was our main target
then we began to make something bigger than providing services
but to unit all the services all over the world
scientific for physicians & helpful info. for patients and also business
for Commercial
db neuro simply is a neurology gate for everyone
a network for all physicians all over the world
an international neuro business - world wide
a place which you will find all data & information you need about neurology.
Also we working on  our unique neuro products made by us and developed by most professionals all over the world
as we will support neurologists by all technology they need to serve them  in the field
we don't miss any thing, any thing you can imagine simply we are doing it & more .


Kornish Al-Nile, P.O.B. 279, Maadi
Cairo City, Cairo Gov 11728

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