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Dehaier Medical develops, markets and sells medical products, including medical devices and wearable sleep respiratory products in China and international markets.

The company develops and assembles its self-branded medical devices and sleep respiratory products from third-party components.

Dehaier is committed to becoming the solution provider of medical smart wearable devices and professional services.

Dehaier is transforming from a traditional medical equipment supplier to a high-tech enterprise in the field of mobile medical and smart wearable devices.

The main business of Dehaier is providing overall solutions including accurate screening, efficient treatment and treatment evaluation for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome ("OSAS") patients.

With the cutting-edge photoplethysomography analysis technology and state-of-the-art sleep diagnosis device,

Dehaier made the first application of cloud technology in sleep medicine by managing to upload patients' records, patient information management, and analysis to the cloud.

Dehaier Medical provides sleep diagnostic products and services for inpatients and outpatients in Chinese medical institutions including chronic diseases therapy departments in public hospitals, patients in private physical examination centers and VIP customers of life insurance companies.

Dehaier Medical's technology is based on six patents and eleven software copyrights.


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