Dizg Deutsches Institut Fur Zell-UND Gewebeersatz DIZG


DIZG - German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement nonprofit GmbH.

The German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement arose from an initiative of doctors and scientists from the Humboldt University in Berlin and the Universities of Leipzig and Erlangen-Nuremberg. Exclusively charitable purposes.

InstitutDas Institute pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes.

 The objective is to supply operators, the human tissue transplants to treat illness or need accidental tissue defects.

Based on the use must always be the assessment of the surgeon that a use of human tissue grafts is required for medical reasons. .


Gemeinnutzige Gesellschaft mbH
Innovationspark Wuhlheide, Kopenicker Strabe 325
Berlin City, Berlin D-12555

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