Dutch Arthroscopy Society DAS - DAA - DSA -NVA Nederlandse Vereniging voor Arthroscopie


As founding members were 27 orthopedic surgeons, three general surgeons, one surgeon and one dental surgeon invited. On Wednesday, November 29th, 1989 the first meeting at the Mercury Hotel in Nieuwegein was held.

The board is now extended with two members namely P. Four Wood and G. Boering. At this meeting appear 20 members. (Groenevelt to Garner, Heyboer, P. King, Barendsz, Cleven, from Roermund, Fievez, de Boer, Forest, Hermans, Bots, Rijnks, Pare, Penterman, van Kampen, Wagener, van Loon, Olijhoek and Drayer.

There message is prevented from J. Konings and Boering). On 30 Jan 1990 by 30 orthopedic surgeons, the list is formed, six general surgeons, one surgeon and a plastic surgeon. Main primary objectives formulated at the first meeting of members are organizing four refereeravonden, an annual conference, and developing documentation systems arthroscopieen.

On 18 and May 19, 1990 Ortomed organized in collaboration with the NVA Arthroscopy 90 course on shoulder and ankle arthrocopy in the Doelen, Rotterdam, for which 307 bids were eventually removed from all of Western Europe.

On November 10, 1990 the first annual conference in scientific congress Eenhoorn Amersfoort was organized with 70 entries.

On 14 and June 15, 1991 there was a joint conference with the Belgian sister organization in Antwerp called Instability and Arthroscopy course on knee, shoulder, and wrist arthroscopy organized. With financial support from Acufex came the first edition of the form realized arthroscopic knee surgery.

As of December 1992 are in Utrecht arthroscopy hands-on cadavercursussen organized in collaboration with the Department of Anatomy at the University of Utrecht, which have become an annual tradition for the subsequent years.

On February 1, 1995 the statutes were amended to simplify joining as associate members.


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