Dutch Shoulder and Elbow Society DSES - NOV Nederlandse Orthopaedische Vereniging


In 1999 orthopaedic surgeons Jaap Willems, Wiet Mol and Ron te Slaa (†) came up with the idea to set up a Dutch Shoulder and Elbow Society. Under the guidance of the Dutch Orthopaedic Association [Nederlandse Orthopaedische Vereniging] (NOV) this idea was turned into a reality in the form of a society, which became known as the Dutch Shoulder and Elbow Society (Werkgroep Schouder en Elleboog). The reason for doing so was to draw attention to the growing possibilities of treating shoulder and elbow problems. During the last 10 years insights into orthopaedic treatment options have noticeably increased. For example, arthroscopic techniques are being used more and more, in order to diagnose and treat problems. A great deal has also changed in the field of prosthesiology. New insights have resulted in improvements to existing implants, as well as in the development of new types of prostheses.