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In 1981, Emirates Medical Association (EMA) was established as a non-profit organization composed of health practitioners that are members of the EMA as defined by its bylaws. EMA is responsible for supervising and conducting scientific training, events and conferences as well as collaborating with health organizations. EMA launched its work through its competent supervisory, executive and specialist boards and committees. 
EMA is a scientific organization which has legal personality, and its Headquarter in Dubai, with one branch in Abu Dhabi. 

EMA aims to improve professional performance, develop and encourage skills, and enrich scientific theory and practice in the different health-fields, by:

  • Developing the professional health-related programs, and developing sustained medical education programs for health-related disciplines, in line with the general educational framework.
  • Coordinating with other professional health boards, authorities, associations, inside and outside the UAE.
  • Encouraging sceintifc research, publishing scientifc papers and issuing its own journal (EMJ).
  • Participating in recommending general plans to qualify and develop human resources in health fields.
  • Organizing seminars, campaigns, workshops, and holding conferences to discuss domestic health problems and solutions.
  • Encouraging health-related scientifc researche and proposing research topics.
  • Approving the establishment of scientific societies for health specialities under the umbrella of EMA.


46th St
Deira Near International Bowling Centre
Dubai City, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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