Endomedix, Inc.


The Endomedix Biopolymer Technology is based upon two biopolymers (polysaccharides), dextran and chitosan.

Each of these natural materials is processed separately and put into separate aqueous solutions.

For application, these two precursor solutions are simultaneously mixed and applied to a target surgical site, where these solutions form a hydrogel device in situ.

These solutions can be applied as either a spray or a flowable liquid.

The hydrogels produced with the Endomedix system are strong, conformable, pliable, biocompatible, biodegradable and adherent.

Importantly and uniquely, these hydrogels do not swell as do other hydrogels and most materials when placed in a liquid environment of blood, cerebral spinal fluid or saline.

Instead these hydrogels shrink predictably as a result of the unique patent biopolymer chemistry.


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