Equinext, LLC.


Equinext (EQX) a limited liability company, was formed to develop, manufacture, and sell an injectable reagent for the treatment of equine ligament, tendon tissue damage (lesions), and stifle joint injury occurring in all breeds of working and competitive horses

Equinext is a spinoff company of Orthopeutics with offices and laboratory on the University of Kentucky’s Coldstream Research Campus in Lexington, Kentucky.

The two current stalwarts of interventional therapy for soft tissue injuries in horses are treatment with stem cells (SC) or platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

These biological treatment modalities augment healing by providing, in the case of PRP, natural signaling molecules (or cytokines) that instruct the cells within the tissue to begin the healing process.

SCs, in contrast, introduce additional cells into the tissue that can turn into the kind of cells necessary for repair, as well as themselves producing and secreting their own cytokines into the injury.

Since these are biological processes, however, they require significant time to regenerate the new tissue and do little to provide immediate clinical benefits.

During the initial months post-injury, therefore, the animal is unable to exercise and is generally restricted to stall rest while simultaneously being more susceptible to re-injury or enlargement of the original lesion.


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