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Our backbone is based on the pillars of innovation. . The heart of our commitment beats increasingly strong thanks to the experience garnered since 1998. . Our spirit is marked by the concern of a single detail of rare simplicity in the design of spinal implants. . We provide continuously new solutions to sort out the evils of the spine, alleviate fears of patients and strengthen the expertise of the surgeon. . Eurospine shares his vision around the world to address the patient discomfort. . Our contribution makes a difference worldwide because an unexpected can happen to anyone at any time. . Eurospine The company was established in 1998 with the sales strategy based on differentiation through innovation and performance. . In November 1998, our company presented to Eurospine SOFCOT 98, its new innovative range of plate osteosynthesis rod and THAMSIN (axial screw multi-piece, rigid or flexible dynamic plates ..). . In December 1998, the Eurospine company was certified ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and EN 46001. . In September 2000, our Research and Development team to complete the development of a new innovative range of interbody cage transparent radio, HRC Locking Cage TM PLIF. . In 2001, a few months after the market introduction of the range Locking Cage HRCTM PLIF, Eurospine signed a distribution agreement in Europe HRC ranges lumbar and cervical with the company Sulzer, Switzerland. . In 2004, the company ZIMMER resumed the distribution agreement of our HRC Locking Cage and become our exclusive distributor for all HRC Locking Cage cervical and lumbar, PLIF & Alif . Since 2009, Eurospine resumed direct distribution of HRC cage Locking and distributes them through its direct channels, agents and distributors in over 14 countries (France, Germany, England, Belgium, Austria, Brazil, Greece, Switzerland ...) and invites new distributors professionals to join us for the distribution of our innovative ranges.


3 Avenue des Dahlias
L'Haÿ-les-Roses, Île-de-France Region 94240

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