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We are a dedicated team with a need to help people by applying our innovative spirit.

By doing so we continually strive to provide solutions intended to alleviate the potential traumatic experiences that a patient may endure.

Through the utilization of our expertise and altruistic nature, our team shall continue to move forward and serve those in need.

Ex-Press-Fix is a medical device system that consists of two main integral parts: the device and the customized wound dressing. 

This system was designed to be used with all devices that utilize surgical pins such as external fixators and halos. Functionally it provides pin stabilization along with a closed compressive wound dressing environment.

Over the years post operative surgical pin site care at times involved time consuming pin site cleaning and laborious daily dressing changes due to pin site drainage (the old process).

This drainage is caused by the lack of adequate compression at the surgical pin site.

The accumulation of pin site drainage at the the surgical pin site is a perfect medium for bacterial proliferation and subsequent infection.

Subsequently, surgical pin micro-motion can lead to devitalized and necrotic tissue formation.

The New Process


-Compressive  Venous Stasis

-Peripheral Vascular Compromise          

-Diabetic Skin Manifestations / Infection        

-Excessive Pin Site  Drainage / Bleeding        

-Extremity  Edema   


Port St. Lucie, Florida
United States

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