Finnish Society for Surgery of the Hand FSSH - SKI Suomen Kasikirurgiyhdistys


A global need for improvement in the field of hand surgery was the outcome of low patient results during the Second World War. This fact was also registered by the Finnish surgical community, including K.E. Kallio, who, in 1950, was appointed professor of surgery at the University of Helsinki. Kallio began to systematically improve and modernize the treatment of hand injuries. He also encouraged and supported his colleague Kauko Solonen to become acquainted with the challenges facing hand surgery. In 1960, hand surgical operations were transferred from the Helsinki Surgical Hospital to the Töölö Hospital, where hand-specific surgery began in 1963 under the lead of Solonen. The operations decreased in 1967, when Solonen was transferred to Kotka, but re-emerged in 1969, when he was assigned to the Invalid Foundation Hospital in Helsinki. During the same year, a department of hand surgery was founded at the hospital, lead by Solonen. Until 1986, the Invalid Foundation Hospital was the sole location for education in the field of hand surgery. Further locations of training were introduced to the Tampere University Hospital by Simo Vilkki in 1987, contemporarily to Oulu by Timo Raatikainen and to Kuopio by Heikki Jaroma in 1989, and . Hand surgery was re-introduced to the University of Helsinki in 1995, when a department of hand surgery was established at the Töölö Hospital.


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