Finnish Society for Surgery of the Hand FSSH - SKI Suomen Kasikirurgiyhdistys


The poor results of the Second World War hand in surgical injuries, sanctions were not only universally in the Finnish surgeon municipality. This also realized KE Kallio, who was appointed v. 1950 University of Helsinki professor of surgery. He was determined to improve and modernize a hand injury treatment, and in this sense he mm. encouraged and support apulaislääkäriään Far Solo explore and tackle the problems in the sector. Hand Surgical operations were transferred to v. 1960 the surgical hospital in Töölö Hospital began there the actual hand in surgical operations v. 1963 Solosen chair. However, the business contracted by v. Solosen transferred in 1967 to Kotka. In 1969 hand surgery rebounded again in Helsinki Solosen Invalid transferred to the hospital, where under his leadership, was opened in the same year, a hand surgery department. Hospital, acted as Finland's only käsikirurgisena training center for up to 1986. Tampere University Hospital Hand Surgery training started in. 1987 Simo by Vilkin. Around the same time began Timo Raatikainen hand surgery in Oulu and Kuopio Heikki Jaroma has trained käsikirurgeja years to 1989. The Helsinki University Hospital in manual surgical operations rebounded in 1995, when the industry has again had its own stand at Töölö Hospital and Training was re-started..


Topeliuksenkatu 5, B-rappu 9krs. PL 266
HYKS Töölö Hospital, Department of hand surgery
Helsinki, Uusimaa 00029

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